Former Sunset Garage (Gas Station), Pacifica, CA

A fuel release at the Former Sunset Garage (Pacifica, CA) required remedial action by the San Mateo County Environmental Health Department.  This was a highly contaminated hydrocarbon site that other consultants had been trying to clean up since 1998 without much success.  In June 2018, we were hired to move this project toward case closure.  By May 2019, several subsurface investigations and a remedial pilot test for dual phase extraction (DPE) technology were completed.  In May 2019, San Mateo County accepted our remedial action plan.  By December 2019 our remedial action, which included a deep and complex soil excavation using slide rail shoring, was complete.  We anticipate that this case will be closed (i.e. no further action required) after our next groundwater monitoring event in January 2021.

Remedial excavation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils

Remedial soil excavation be supported with slide rail shoring technology