Pat Hoban, PG

President & Senior Geologist

As a Senior Geologist for Weber, Hayes and Associates, Mr. Hoban has conducted hundreds of environmental assessments of properties located throughout California. Current responsibilities include the management and implementation of contaminant delineation studies; hydrologic assessments, remedial action and property transfer assessments. He has worked closely with local, State and Federal regulatory agency personnel while conducting agency-required investigations.

Craig Drizin, PE

Principal Engineer

As a Senior Civil and Environmental Engineer for Weber, Hayes and Associates, Mr. Drizin designs and engineers water supply and wastewater treatment systems, and leads environmental cleanups.

Jered Chaney, PG

Project Geologist

Mr. Chaney leads management and field work for conducting environmental investigations and remediation, including the supervision of UST closures, remedial excavations, soil and groundwater contaminant characterizations, soil vapor intrusion assessments, and management of groundwater monitoring programs.

Shawn Mixan, EIT

Project Engineer

Mr. Mixan leads field activities and prepares technical reports for water system infrastructure design, feasibility studies, stormwater LED design, and environmental remediation. Additional expertise: (1) compost facility design & regulatory compliance; (2) Co-manage drinking water system portfolio as a certified Distribution (D2) & Treatment (T2) Operator.
* BSc Geological Engineering | Colorado School of Mines

Harrison Hucks

Senior Scientist

Mr. Hucks completes groundwater, soil, and soil vapor investigations throughout the tri-county area. He is well-versed in stormwater management for large and small scale construction and cannabis projects. Mr. Hucks stays up-to-date with funding programs, connecting projects to funding sources to stay keep budgets cost-effective.

Rich Peterson


Mr. Peterson designs and engineers solutions to water supply issues including water sourcing, treatment, and distribution for small and large water systems. He manages water-related field activities including well construction, well destruction, and well source capacity tests and leads design development with AutoCAD.

Rory Dyer

Rory Dyer

Water System Specialist

Shaun Ersoy

IT Administrator & Staff Scientist

Shaun is our information technology specialist. He supports our network infrastructure, providing us with up to date technology and services to better support our business processes and roles which in turn helps us better serve our customers and community. Additionally, Shaun also conducts Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and provides support to our Engineers and Geologists here at Weber Hayes & Associates.

Robyn Chaconas

EIT, Project Engineer

Mx. Chaconas collaborates with technical professionals, regulatory agencies, and community partners to connect client needs and available resources for the development of water supply and treatment systems across California. They conduct stakeholder engagement, field investigations, and perform feasibility analyses and technical designs of water systems and stormwater management. Mx. Chaconas holds a B.S. in Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, and is passionate about the intersection of ecosystem restoration, environmental justice, and community stewardship.

Zev Fellenbaum

Zev Fellenbaum

Project Geologist

Max Maier

Max Maier

Staff Geologist

Laura Garcia


Ms. Garcia manages all phases of corporate accounting including payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, business insurance, purchasing, ESOP administration, and financial planning. She also performs the responsibilities of Human Resources Benefits Administrator and Office Manager. Ms. Garcia has previously served roles at the City of Watsonville Community Development Department, County of Santa Cruz and as CFO of a local Concrete Construction Company.

Veronica Govea

Veronica Govea

Administrative Assistant

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