Loma Prieta Elementary School, Los Gatos, CA

The Loma Prieta Elementary School, located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, was running low on viable groundwater to use for their drinking water system.  We helped the school receive free funding for this project through a Proposition 1 Technical Assistance Grant.  The project team consisted of Weber Hayes Associates (WHA), the California State Water Board Division of Drinking Water, University Enterprises, Inc, and others.  We provided the engineering design and field support, which included the advancement of three test wells in search of viable groundwater.  Our first test well encountered quality groundwater down to 300-feet below ground surface.  We then designed and constructed a permanent drinking water well, which yielded 25 gallons per minute during our 72-hour pumping test.  The next step in this project will be further upgrading the school’s drinking water system.

Drill rig used to advance a 300-feet deep boring to discover groundwater

Viable groundwater gushing up to the ground surface from the well head