Weber, Hayes, and Associates provides a wide range of groundwater consulting and evaluation services for both private and public entities, whether it be for assessing groundwater quality, quantity and sustainability for developing an adequate and viable water supply, or for defining aquifer characteristics for aiding construction and structural engineering design projects. Some of our services include:
  • Review of regional and local hydrogeology for assessing groundwater supply potential, water quality and evaluating optimum supply well location
  • Working with state and local agencies to determine project specific regulatory requirements, water rights issues and permit procurement for groundwater supply development
  • Aquifer testing (well pumping and aquifer recovery tests) to determine aquifer properties and evaluate sustainable well yields, and well construction optimization
  • Production well design and installation oversight
  • Drinking water storage, distribution and water quality treatment
  • Shallow aquifer testing and characterization for assisting with construction dewatering projects, structural design, and waste water system design in shallow groundwater settings